mighty clouds of joy.

I’m about a week or so late posting this, but here is a slideshow of photos taken on the road in CA, AZ, NV and UT on the Fourth of July weekend. I hadn’t used my Hipstamatic app in a while, so I decided to shoot these road shots with the Ina’s film setting on my Apple iPhone 5C (you might see the reflection in some of the shots). All photos were taken from the back seat, windows up, of our Chevy Cruze rental car with the Nebraska plates :) Big ups to my road dawgs Kerry, Dana & Derrick for a most joyful trip!

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older in july ;)

It’s always in the sidebar widget on this site, but since I’ll be celebrating my birthday at the end of this month, here’s the official Glenn Red DJ Sched for July. Stevie Wonder fans will recognize that the background is from his 1980 album Hotter Than July. Hope I get to see/meet you at one of these events if you’re in the LA area. Check the individual links below for more details.

Glenn Red July Sched 720x720

Old Pasadena Film Festival
La Junta website
Afro Funké website
Hammer Museum website
KCRW Event Page
Inglewood Cultural Arts website


aye, caramba.

Here’s my latest flier design for the LA JUNTA party happening on SUNDAY JULY 13 in Alhambra CA, just east of Los Angeles proper. We’ve had two amazing Sunday events this summer and we’re ready for the heat of July with our own hot music and cool people. Event details are below. Please come through if you’re in the LA area!

LA JUNTA JUL13 flyer 720x508


The LA JUNTA Summer Season rolls into July on the heels of two fantastic gatherings in June! Those in attendance so far have been treated to live Colombian music by LA MISA NEGRA, amazing guest deejay sets by NYC’s NAPPY G (Turntables on the Hudson) and LA’s DANNY MASSURE (Spring Strut Recordings)…with all this icing atop tasty sets by La Junta residents YUKICITO, GLENN RED & DEGRUVME!

After a few weekends off, we’re back at it on SUNDAY JULY 13th at FRONTERAS MEXICAN GRILL & CANTINA with some surprise guest performers. We’ll be knee deep in good music, good food and happy hour drinks, so round up your party fam and get ready to dance, smile, laugh and hug a Sunday afternoon away!

The La Junta Fam



now that’s a fly-er.

Here’s my latest flier design for the next LA JUNTA event on Sunday 6/22. The Summer Kickoff event was pretty outrageous and now that we’re smack dab in the middle of futbol’s World Cup, we’re expecting the energy to keep flying high! Hope you’ll join us if you’re in the LA area :)

Facebook invite



JC (no, not that one.)

Comedian/actor/producer Jim Carrey has really become an interesting figure to me in the last several years, ever since I caught an old appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show where he admitted to writing himself a $20,000 check in the early stages of his career, as a daily visual reminder of his dream to become a successful entertainer. I actually remember him from an old, short-lived 80s NBC sitcom titled THE DUCK FACTORY, prior to his gaining notoriety and making a lasting mark on FoxTV’s beloved sketch comedy show IN LIVING COLOR as the characters ‘Fire Marshall Bill’ and ‘Vera de Milo’. Flash forward to last week, he’s now giving profound commencement speeches to hopeful grads at liberal-minded management schools.

Below is a video of ‘The Cable Guy’ and ‘Yes Man’ himself in action behind the podium, where he himself is awarded an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree. It’s the best twenty-six minutes of presentation/speech footage I’ve seen in a long time; better than many of the TED Talks I’ve labored through in recent months. Carrey’s gratitude for his success shines through in this surprising and endearing offering of wisdom, chock full of the expected comedic genius jutting throughout. Lotsa great quotes here…relax and let this one make ya feel good!

…and it feels so good.

Some of you may remember the word that precedes the lyric above (courtesy of Peaches & Herb, or whomever wrote the song), but it definitely describes the way I feel about getting together with my Afro Funké family members–those on both sides of the turntables. What makes it even more special is that we’ll be together for the first time under the LA evening sky, out at the Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena. The event will mark our first move outside of the traditional night club setting, as well as our first venture together as a team outside of the westside/Santa Monica, across to the northeast corner of LA. To boot, we’ve got a fun and energetic opening act in Brazilian drum troupe BATALA LOS ANGELES. They’ll have the crowd gettin’ down big just in time for my boys JUNGLE FIRE to light up the stage with their hard-hitting afro-latin funk! Hope you get to join us! JUNE 21st 7:30pm.

**flyer: yours truly on the groundwork, Jeremy Sole on the perfect trimming and buffing.

AF Levitt 062114


benin, not benign.

As the weather here in Los Angeles keeps leaning toward summer, those cravings for tropical sounds grow deeper and the pangs definitely come more frequently!  As I was doing some design work last night, I had the inkling to put on an old T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou compilation album (Soundway Records) that I hadn’t listened to at length in a few years.  I often play the single entitled ‘Gendamou Na Wili We Gnannin’ in my deejay sets when I feel the dance floor is ready for some deep grinders, but I’d forgotten how much of a monster this tune below is as well. This music may originate in Benin, but it’s WAY too funky to be called benign.  Dig ‘Aihe Ni Kpe We’.


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