Here’s my latest flier for La Junta!

LA JUNTA x OYA BRAZIL 082315 Flyer 720px

This coming SUNDAY AUGUST 23rd, La Junta continues to smolder as we welcome Daniela Brazil Hollywood’s ‘OYA BRAZIL’ in a fully costumed (or should we say ‘barely’ costumed?) live samba dance show! Needless to say, the boys are looking forward to this one ;) We’ve also invited longtime homie BABY BUBBA from Vibes & Stuff Radio and Soul Sessions to help us keep fanning the flames, as well as a new friend we met two years ago from way down in Quintana Roo while the La Junta fam vacationed in Playa Del Carmen, México. The man’s in town ready to get down in LA just before joining Osunlade, Nickodemus, and Sabo at Burning Man… hope you’ll join us in welcoming our amigo, representing the NO MAS Punchis Punchis stylee–NETZA!

See you there, familia!


Bowling league.

After three consecutive nights of attending fantastic outdoor live music events here in Los Angeles to see Aurelio Martinez at The Skirball, Trio Ellas at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, and producer Daedalus remixing classical musicians at Grand Performances, I was blessed to cap my amazing little run by attending Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday Tribute featuring his sons Ziggy and Stephen Marley at the Hollywood Bowl (with The Skatalites and Inner Circle opening the show). The Marley boys dropped their own impressive repertoires to perform a truly special hit-after-hit program of their father’s most legendary songs. Huge thanks to Cynthia, Rosy, Yuki, Perla, Tom, Vanna and Vanessa for a lovely evening.






coffee & gratitude.




I dunno if it’s the excessive amount of caffeine I’ve had between last night and this morning, or the sweet, lasting afterglow of a week full of incredible music, having been at La Junta, Radio Afrique, weplay80s, Boleros de Noche, Daedelus’ Classical Remix and Jungle Fire at Mrs. Fish, or the witnessing of an outpouring of support for a dear friend, but I’m in a roomful of strangers feeling blessed and wide open this morning. Just wanted to wish much love to friends I’ve connected with this week, even if just for a moment. It’s huge.

Have a beautiful Sunday.


pacific standard.

Here’s a bit of the vibe that we’ll be touching on at Wednesday’s CANTO event at The OffBeat in Highland Park. This is Gualajo (aka Jose Antonio Torres) from Colombia’s pacific coast currulao tradition, blessing us with its primary instrument, the marimba. The event invite is below. Please check us out on Wednesday August 19 from 9pm-2am if you’re in the northeast Los Angeles area or anywhere near.

CANTO Facebook event page

19 Aug 2015: CANTO with Glenn Red & special guests

CANTO 2 081915 Flyer

A monthly world music affair featuring the songs and rhythms of deep people with deep roots planted in equatorial lands, tropical coasts, and island shores around the globe.

Join me and special guest dj/selectors as we explore and showcase music from Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and other places within the warm middle latitudes. Expect pagode-style samba, cumbia, bomba, bullerengue, currulao, merengue, reggae, soukous, son, rumba and much more.

9PM -2AM
21 +

THE OFFBEAT a bar on York
6316 York Blvd. in Highland Park
Los Angeles CA 90042

surface scratches.

Finding that my gaze had fallen onto the dining table where I was perched this evening, my eyes followed the grain and soon focused on the matrix of minute scratches etched into the wood’s surface. Despite these hundreds or even thousands of surface blemishes, from afar the wood retains its beauty both in its rich dark color and in it’s all important levelness. Yet we don’t get to see all of it, all the beautiful insides that hold it all together.

It’s an apt metaphor for understanding lots of things, from friendships to relationships to your inner self. Look beneath the surface–beyond both the beauty and the blemishes–and find the real goodness. Be fearless in sanding down and peeling away the outer layers to show the you that you both love and loathe, the you that you both regale and keep in the shadows. In deejayspeak, go beyond the scratch and dig deeper.

09 Aug 2015 SUNDAY: LA JUNTA x JOSE MARQUEZ (Tribe Records)


Hey, Everyone!

We’re down to the final three events of our summer season, which also means we’re bringing out the heavy hitters! On SUNDAY AUGUST 9TH, you absolutely MUST join us for a high energy romp on the patio at Fronteras Mexican Grill Cantina, as LA’s homegrown but internationally known Afro-Latin house music producer/deejay Jose Marquez jumps in the deejay booth for what is sure to be one of hottest and brightest highlights of our summer. We cannot wait to dance together with you!

+21 / FREE!!!

Bring your dancing folk and we’ll see you there!


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