surface scratches.

Finding that my gaze had fallen onto the dining table where I was perched this evening, my eyes followed the grain and soon focused on the matrix of minute scratches etched into the wood’s surface. Despite these hundreds or even thousands of surface blemishes, from afar the wood retains its beauty both in its rich dark color and in it’s all important levelness. Yet we don’t get to see all of it, all the beautiful insides that hold it all together.

It’s an apt metaphor for understanding lots of things, from friendships to relationships to your inner self. Look beneath the surface–beyond both the beauty and the blemishes–and find the real goodness. Be fearless in sanding down and peeling away the outer layers to show the you that you both love and loathe, the you that you both regale and keep in the shadows. In deejayspeak, go beyond the scratch and dig deeper.

09 Aug 2015 SUNDAY: LA JUNTA x JOSE MARQUEZ (Tribe Records)


Hey, Everyone!

We’re down to the final three events of our summer season, which also means we’re bringing out the heavy hitters! On SUNDAY AUGUST 9TH, you absolutely MUST join us for a high energy romp on the patio at Fronteras Mexican Grill Cantina, as LA’s homegrown but internationally known Afro-Latin house music producer/deejay Jose Marquez jumps in the deejay booth for what is sure to be one of hottest and brightest highlights of our summer. We cannot wait to dance together with you!

+21 / FREE!!!

Bring your dancing folk and we’ll see you there!

a tropical chill.

It’s been about six months since the release of our LA JUNTA Remix EP of Las Cafeteras,  so I’m antsy and excited to share our new remix project with you, which will hopefully happen in the next week or two!  My musical partners in crime, Yukicito, Degruvme and I are currently working on remixes of the Inland Empire’s ‘Más Tropical’ darlings, QUITAPENAS.  After a fantastic little tracking session with trumpeter/arranger Todd Simon (Ethio Cali, Quantic, Breakestra), I stayed in on Friday night to put some finishing touches on my offering to the project.  By the instrumentation list on the far right, you might even figure out the style I’ve gone with on my remix.  Here’s a visual sneak peek at what will hopefully be on heavy rotation on your iPods, cd players and turntables soon.  It should make its way to your earholes soon :)


dancing with the stars.

la junta + nickodemusI’ve been away from the blog for a bit, so I just wanted to share a couple of photos taken recently. Here’s me, degruvme, and Yukicito with Nickodemus in early May, after finding out he was giggin’ at Metro in Chicago the same night that we were at FEx.

la-junta-may-31-501And here we are again, just a few weeks ago at our own LA JUNTA event with UPROOT ANDY from NYC’s Que Bajo crew (far left) and ORO11 from SF’s Tormenta Tropicál crew, being photobombed by a cool partygoer. GEKO JONES was somewhere on the patio too, probably being adored by other starstruck fans ;)

meeting after meeting.

For those who don’t yet follow me on my facebook page or via my instagram feed, the LA JUNTA crew and I are halfway through our third summer of patio parties. Since joining the team in 2013, I’ve taken on the fun but great responsibility of the visual branding (aka creating fliers, business cards, the website, etc.).  Please check out some of my other designs in the sidebar slideshow under Graphics Work, but here I wanted to highlight the La Junta series that I created for last season as well as the first five of this current season.   These most recent five have paid tribute to vintage LP covers, which made some sense with the rise of Instagram and its square format as a popular social media outlet.

Let me know which ones you like best!

lately i…

Here are some random fliers and things that I’ve designed in the last year.  I’ll post the La Junta series separately, so keep an eye out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

the sweetness of summer.


i trust that you’ve all been enjoying your summer, even with this past weekend’s double bill of rain here in Southern California! i’m finally back to updating my own website. the schedule above is a reflection of what life has looked like for me since about mid-March. with all the gig preparation, promo design for my gigs, and actually promoting them on social media and face-to-face, i had to abandon my own site for a while. but now it’s time, and it’s sweet. my gig schedule is now updated there in the sidebar widget titled Mixin’ It Up. hope you’ll stay tuned for more content!


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