stick and move

dear ego,

you put up one hell of a fight yesterday.
a valiant effort!
jabbing. swinging. kicking. biting.
making small of that which i hold dear
and putting holes in me that do not belong
with lightning quick precision
to the ribs. to the head. to the heart.

but those spaces are reserved
for things bigger and badder than you.
for Love. for Freedom.
you will cut me. daze me. blur my vision.
for a minute. a few hours. a few days.
but you will never beat me down
i heal as fast as you can ready your next blow.

so stick and move
give me your best now
for soon those punches
those dirty left hooks, upper cuts, elbows,
that would leave me supine and bleeding
will fly through me completely
no flesh to pound
no bones to bruise
no pain to exact
there will be no fight.
no victory
no loss
no gloves
only a smile.

One thought on “stick and move

  1. Hi there, Glenn,

    It’s nice to read your poetry. I think we have a similar type of voice – more hopeful than not. Perhaps you will like some of my poems –

    I will continue to read your work……..


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