five on cue.

five tunes (new/old/whenever) i find myself cueing up quite a bit lately during deejay sets:

> WGANDA KENYA – “Yoro”. midtempo feel-good rhythm with a champeta/hi-life feel to it. heavyweight track with an easy attitude.

> EBO TAYLOR – “Victory”. check out his new album Love and Death…solid afrobeat that sounds like it was recorded in the 70’s, not in 2010. lotsa raucous and jagged horn riffin’ 🙂

> ANDRES LANDERO y SU CONJUNTO – “La Pava Congona [señor sabor remix]”. makes you wait a second for that classic accordion melody, but well worth the wait.

> AYATOLLAH – “Kingston”. great intro…laid back sax riff…a little boom bap…some nice turntablist touches and an even balance between classic and modern reggae production. perfect in a build-up set.

> THE METERS vs. HURRICANE CHRIS – “Handclapping Song / The Hand Clap”. i’m not much of a dirty South fan, but something about this deep south-on-south mashup is kinda workin’ for me! the bounce in hc’s delivery fits just right over the funky syncopation. plus it’s got a good beat and you can clap to it…


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