steady and warm.

Caetano Veloso doing Zera a Reza live…love playing this tune during the early part of an opening set with it’s big backbeat under a light bossa rhythm, caetano’s lilting vocal style, and the sheer beauty of the melodic lines. a steady, warm one. find it on his album Noites Do Norte, 2001. (and this live version shows cv singing a quirky harmony line as he breaks it down and gets the audience singing along…nice)


You are a Sunrise
And a bright Star
And the Light that Lingers
in the middle of my Lake.

i wish i could take credit for this one because it’s so damn good, but it was written by poet Etheridge Knight. i ran across this back in my college days while editing an anthology of poems by african american poets. it’s a reminder that a little can say a lot, that things within and without us reflect one another, and that an abundance of beauty can be found in the simple and ordinary. hope this one takes your breath away too.