hazy afternoon clarity.

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saturday february 5th
i woke up and decided to go on a solo hike, so i hit the road and drove up to altadena to set out on a familiar trail. armed with a bottle of water, a notebook and pen, and a camera, i looked forward to an upcoming few miles of steady strides and steady climbs. i’d been on this trail a few times but had never gone all the way up, as–for various reasons–my friends and i would agree to stop, relax somewhere along the way, and then head back down. but on this day, i was on a mission to get to the top.

i had set out to get some exercise, to be alone, and to let go of some mental clutter…but i ended up having one of my favorite days in a long time! not only did i reach the top, but i got to experience the joyful interplay between the ‘doing and being’ of a hike, the magic in rediscovering a level of connection with my inner self that hasn’t been tapped since my days of lone runs and long bike rides in hawaii, and the fun of stumbling upon amazing new places. who knew that once you passed the 2-mile marker, the path would lead to something amazing? i love that LA has so many hidden treasures. these photos above are some of the cool things i saw along the way. enjoy.