<<rwd<< Afro Funkē 03.31.2011 : Guest DJ SANTERO (SF) + live performance by Ilhame (Paris)!!

Renowned resident deejay JEREMY SOLE returned from his travels back to the helm at AFRO FUNKE’, just in time to guide last Thursday’s eager dancefloor through that rhythmic journey across the Americas, Africa and Europe that LA has come to love. Along the way, French soul singer ILHAME dropped a superb and sexy sneak peek performance of her latest material, all in anticipation of Bay Area deejay SANTERO, who came through strong with an uptempo mix of current Latin and African street sounds. The night sent out an amazing month of March in great style, leaving us all ready for more

Afro Funkē
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Thursday March 31, 2011

guest deejay:
Santero comes from a long family tradition of Latin musicians and Sonidero sound system deejays. He was raised in
the mountains, jungles and Atlantic coasts of Central America where he travelled extensively from Guatemala to Panama performing with his father’s Salsa & Cumbia bands. He came to the United States at a young age as a refugee escaping the political upheaval that was tearing Central America apart in the late 70’s and 80’s.

Once in the US, Santero immediately started the musical street hustle that would later define his style and sound. From the ghettos of New York and New Orleans to the barrios of San Francisco and Los Angeles, Santero refined his sonic palette and delivery by performing relentlessly in nightclubs, warehouses and on street corners. Drawing from such diverse musical influences as Reggae, Jazz, Punk, Funk and Hip-Hop, Santero incorporated his traditional Latin upbringing with these western music styles and developed his own brand of international fusion beats.

Eventually his constant touring and performing led him back to his roots in Latin America. After an extended stint of traveling and performing in Central America and the Caribbean, he found himself in Habana, Cuba. This would be a crucial turning point in his musical trajectory. While in Cuba, Santero was initiated as a priest in the Yoruba/Santeria religion. He was crowned as an avatar to the African deity Obatala, spirit of peace and light. From that point onwards, Santero dedicated his musical energytowards exposing a new generation of Latinos and Latin music lovers to the spiritual essence of the Pan-African Diaspora through club friendly rhythms and rhymes.

El Hijo de Obatala is Santero’s second album, a fresh release that brings together the bump of urban beats with elements of traditional salsa such as banging Latin percussion and horn sections. Santero is joined by veteran multi-Grammy nominated Producer Greg Landau (Patato Valdes, Susana Baca, Maldita Vecindad, Quetzal) and legendary beat maker One Drop Scott (E-40, Scarface, Mac Dre, Luniz) to create a unique Urban Latin sound that goes beyond the frontiers of Reggaeton and Hip-Hop to fuse the old and new school in a unique way that spark spontaneous combustion on the dance floor.


live performance by:
She has Morocco in her blood, Paris in her heart and music in her soul. ILHAME PARIS always knew music would be her constant muse. Born in the 17th District of Paris, ILHAME’S first musical experience was alongside her older sister, having innocent fun imitating famous musicians singing the songs of Soul, Funk and R&B stars such as Luther Vandross, Rose Royce and Bill Withers. In grade school ILHAME’S music teacher noticed her natural talent as a vocalist and encouraged her to pursue her love of music.

Her voice is poignant, sultry, spirited and rich. She mourns of love lost, offers hope and sings with candor. ILHAME’S fierce personality shines throughout the notes. With a promising debut album and an even more promising future, the little girl who once imitated her favorite soul is now drawing attention of music fans worldwide. As ILHAME likes to say “It isn’t only about the music; it’s about making a difference in people’s lives and changing the world one song at a time”

resident deejay:

resident deejay:
(Afro Funke’ / Eclectica)

hosted by:
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Thursday April 7, 2011

special guest deejays:
(ESL, Switchstance Germany)


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“Our children may learn about the heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves the
architects of the future.”

Jomo Kenyatta


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