i wrote this ten years ago, during the week of the 9/11 tragedy. i read it every year on this day. thought i’d share it with you…

i lost it
somewhere beneath
that fiery monument
of twisted metal
and crushed stone
there it lies
most precious possession

i used to keep it with me
always with me
in my pocket
i’d sometimes forget
it was there
though i’ve seen and done
so very much
in my lifetime
it was always there
always in my pocket
but today i lost it

i used to hold it
in my hands
not knowing what i held
put it in my back pocket
o little penny!
yes, like an old penny
i took it for granted
(everyone’s got pennies)
but it was precious
and today i lost it

you see
as i ran from
the falling sky
onto the ground
it fell
along with my brethren
along with my brethren
today i lost it
and i can never be the same
never again

maybe one day
when the dust
has long settled
and this terrible monument
forever forgotten
a young child
will find innocence again
most precious possession
pick it up
and put it away
in a pocket
and keep it always

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