shining stars.

sorry to have been gone for a bit, but i’m back…and with my brand new EARTH WIND & FIRE tribute mixtape for free download! it took me a few weeks to pick out the tunes and record and master it, not to mention to design some accompanying cover art. please click one of the images below to go to my Soundclound page. you can figure it out from there…it’s easy 🙂 or you can scroll down a bit further and find my Soundcloud player with the mix on it. the track list is on the second image.

this mix was originally inspired by a set i put together for the Devil’s Pie party in February 2010…shout outs and much love to DJ Phatrick and DJ Raichous for inviting me to play at the event, thus providing the spark for this project.

or just listen to it here:

let me know if you guys dig it!

that’s all i want to do.

sorry for the sparse posting these last two weeks…been in mixtape mode. got a special one in the works which i’ll share in the next week or so. i haven’t planned out and recorded a mix in a few years (sigh!) so i’m puttin’ some time into this upcoming one. i’m pleased so far and can’t wait to send it out to you guys! i wanna be with you, but i’ll leave you with a great one from ’81 😉

yeh, mon.

much gratitude to the friends and fam that came out to Culver City and supported me and the good fellas at last Friday’s TROPI-CALI Reggae Edition! the energy was full of soul, joy, iration and quite a bit of booty shakin’ throughout the night. the deejay lineup flowed well in terms of style and the music was topnotch. much love to Shakespeare of The Lions for lending his beautiful vibe as he hosted and toasted on the microphone through each of our sets. and of course BIG THANKS to Vivek, KidGusto, Gozar and Hula Kris for allowing me to be a part of their great event!

it was a heavy undertaking to follow KID GUSTO’s monstrous dancehall set, so i tried to come with something stylistically different and work it back up to a bubble. i had hoped to go with a more rootsy set of tunes, but with the 12:30am time slot i had, here’s the more party rockin’ direction that i felt i should take:

> KRS-ONE / “Black Cop”
> NARDO RANKS / “Burrup [hip hop mix]”
> ASWAD / “Dancehall Mood [flex version one]”
> ASWAD / “Dancehall Mood [flex version two]”
> SIMPLETON / “Coca Cola Shape”
> NINJAMAN / “Set Speed”
> GREGORY PECK / “Poco Man Jam”
> SISTER NANCY / “Bam Bam [sleazy mcqueen covert edit]”
> BEASTIE BOYS / “Intergalactic [mato reggae remix]”
> BEENIE MAN / “Reggae 6 Million Ways To Die”
> LOS RAKAS / “Parkiando (Reggae Bhangra Riddim)”
> RUDE GIRL (LA ATREVIDA) / “Si El Hombre Quiere”
> AZUL AZUL / “La Bomba”
> BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS / “Mr. Brown [dj spooky remix]”
> THE WAILING SOULS / “Back Out With It”