i recently returned from one of the best trips of my life! my friends and i spent seven days on the mayan riviera in playa del carmen, mexico in the state of quintana roo and another four days in a small fishing town just north of the yucatan capital of merida, called progreso. sending much love to my travel companions: ricky, paloma, caro, rachel, aldo, dora, cynthia, david and prescilla!! we had an amazing time hanging, adventuring, dancing, drinking, grubbing, sunning, swimming, laughing and experiencing life together outside of our beloved los angeles.

here is a slideshow of photos that i took on the one day that i spent alone on a tour of the famed mayan ruins at chichen itza. this site is currently one of the seven wonders of the world and october 11, 2013 was an absolutely sublime day to visit, if you didn’t mind dripping with sweat for a few hours and a three-hour bus ride each way from playa ;). hope you enjoy the photos i shot: