colour my world.

Farah Sosa’s pictorial love letter from the Ecléctica event just came through! For those of you here in Los Angeles, the chances are high that you’ve seen this beloved visual ethnographer doing her thing at many music and cultural events, with lens hoisted by one arm over her head and her enchanted eye perpetually scanning the room for the next beautiful moment to still. Take an extended look at this series of photos, each one chronicling the vivid color created when music, cultures, love and joy all flow into and from each other. This is how it’s done! THANK YOU, FARAH!!

Please click the image below for more photos of this event at the FarahStop blog.


Photos and video from last Saturday’s ECLÉCTICA event are beginning to roll in! Here’s a beautiful one that captures the spirit and magic that we attempt to conjure at each of our gatherings. Please click on the image to view the collection…

This and other linked photos come courtesy of EnClave Los Angeles. Much thanks, respect and credit go to Tom ‘Chino’ Nguyen for this fantastic series of pics!

For a dynamic and up close peek into the live jam session that serendipitously transpired, please check out this video of The Sweeney Brothers Band & friends in action. BIG THANKS to Sara Aguilar for sharing this with all of us!

Te’Amir Yohannes Sweeney, drums & loops
Tutu Sweeney, trumpet
Kahlil Cummings, percussion
Daniel Richardson, soprano sax
Fabio Santana de Souza, trombone
Quincy McCrary, keyboards
Dustin Warren, vocals