dancing in the sun (and snow).

Had my first out-of-town gig of the year back on January 20th (hopefully there will be many more!) and found myself in Park City, Utah during Sundance Film Festival week! It was a whirlwind work trip as I was flown out on Monday afternoon, arrived in Salt Lake City, was driven up to Park City, did the gig and flew back out mid afternoon on Tuesday. It was a fantastic experience playing for the folks at The Spur Bar & Grill on Main Street. Wish I could have stayed at least a few days longer to catch some of the films and maybe snowboard a bit. I’m really bad about taking photos from the deejay booth (note to self: take more photos of the dance floors in 2014!), so below are a few pics from my hotel room, at The Spur and around the grounds…

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BIG THANKS to the good folks at Explore Annenberg (explore.org), UnjustUS (www.unjustus.org) and The Spur for inviting me to participate and taking great care with the all the trip details. Please check out the film that they entered into Sundance when it is picked up and released: “The Internet’s Own Boy”…it’s a superb documentary about young internet activist Aaron Swartz, his conflicts with the US Government over internet freedom, and subsequent taking of his own life.

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