ascended master.


Francisco Gustavo Sanchez Gomes
Paco de Lucia
Rest In Peace.

Here he is in action ripping on a choro version of Tico Tico:


The L.A. music and culture underground is also fortunate to have EnClave Los Angeles at large with lenses and social media tools in tow. Tom Nguyen aka ‘El Chino Latino’ made it a point to stop by, dance (of course!) and shoot at our RITO event last weekend. Take a moment to click on this image of WEST AFRICAN ORISA DANCE GROUP below to see EnClave LA’s beautiful set on Flickr. THANK YOU, TOM!!


sound n’ color.

Los Angeles photographer/visual ethnographer Farah Sosa worked her magic once again at last Saturday’s RITO collaboration between my two tribes, Ecléctica and La Junta. Trópico de Nopal loves Farah’s lens and vice versa. Check out this photo of WEST AFRICAN ORISA DANCE GROUP among all the richly colorful set by clicking on the image. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN, FARAH!!


Please click the image above to see more fantastic photos of the RITO event at her FarahStop blog.

rite on.

Here are a handful of photos from Saturday’s RITO party at Trópico de Nopal in Echo Park. BIG THANKS to the tribes from ECLÉCTICA, LA JUNTA and TRÓPICO for working together and putting on a sweet and spirited event! MAD PROPS and RESPECT to the WEST AFRICAN ORISA DANCE GROUP for their amazing drum and dance performance to highlight the evening! Look out for our next collaboration!






For more photos, courtesy of Prescilla Cardena, please visit