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Los Angeles photographer/visual ethnographer Farah Sosa worked her magic once again at last Saturday’s RITO collaboration between my two tribes, Ecléctica and La Junta. Trópico de Nopal loves Farah’s lens and vice versa. Check out this photo of WEST AFRICAN ORISA DANCE GROUP among all the richly colorful set by clicking on the image. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN, FARAH!!


Please click the image above to see more fantastic photos of the RITO event at her FarahStop blog.

rite on.

Here are a handful of photos from Saturday’s RITO party at Trópico de Nopal in Echo Park. BIG THANKS to the tribes from ECLÉCTICA, LA JUNTA and TRÓPICO for working together and putting on a sweet and spirited event! MAD PROPS and RESPECT to the WEST AFRICAN ORISA DANCE GROUP for their amazing drum and dance performance to highlight the evening! Look out for our next collaboration!






For more photos, courtesy of Prescilla Cardena, please visit

¡ pinche ____ !

It’s been just over a week since the LA JUNTA crew and I made our way up to Fresno, CA for our guest gig at PINCHE, the signature dance music event produced by the DULCE UP-FRONT team. In honor of us joining them for the evening, the DUF producers titled the event “LA PINCHE JUNTA”. Multimedia is the name of the game at Pinche and most DUF events. Live painting, a poetry hour, live music, and deejays all create their art together in the same space. The La Junta gang walked into Pinche’s amazing venue Fulton 55, which looked just as much as a community center as it did a lounge, and the collective and collaborative spirit of the Dulce team made us feel like we were part of a grassroots phenomenon. And I think this is exactly the case! FRESNO IS ON THE MAP!!

HUGE THANKS AND RESPECT to Dulce Up-Front’s OMÉdj, art director ABBY JANZEN, DAWN-MARIE LUNA, MR. LEONARD, JOE OSEJO PHOTOGRAPHY and the staff at FULTON 55 for treating us with such care, hospitality and friendliness! Check out the photos in this slideshow:

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Here are links to more great photos of this fantastic night:
Joe Osejo Photography: LA PINCHE JUNTA FEB 7 2014

Javier Torres Photography: LA PINCHE JUNTA FEB 7 2014

And some links by which to check out Dulce Up-Front and their awesome events:
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