<<rwd<< Feb 22 2014: Ecléctica & La Junta present RITO: A Musical Gathering of Tribes

With humanity’s collective consciousness needing a nudge–well, more like a shove–toward more associative and collaborative endeavors, I’ve been pushing the idea of combining two of my musical families into one special event (or hopefully a series of events!). With this said, Ecléctica and La Junta present “RITO”. It’s another of the small ways I’m doing my part to make my world more interconnected and interdependent.

I originally came up with the title “Tribu” for this event, however, we found out that it is being used for another LA event taking place about a week after ours. I had a difficult time letting go of the idea of using the Tribu title, but out of respect and hopes for good karma, I conceded after a few days and decided on Rito. Below is the flyer and event banner that I created for the event.

Wish us luck on a great evening, and by all means, be there!!

RITO 691x4881

RITO 851x3151

In the spirit of working and creating together, East LA’s ECLÉCTICA and Pasadena’s LA JUNTA families present a collaborative event called RITO, a ritual gathering of different tribes. We’re uniting in the name of community, friendship and, of course, for the love of amazing music from all over the world. Marking this special evening will be a fun and frenetic performance by the WEST AFRICAN ORISA DANCE GROUP, honoring the rhythm and movement of the African Diaspora.

We’ll be gathering at Echo Park’s beloved art-space, TRÓPICO DE NOPAL, which has become a go-to venue for many amazing musical, artistic and cultural events each year, thanks to the wonderful curation by owner Reyes Rodriguez and his hardworking staff.

Gather your tribe and meet up with us on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 22nd…and let’s dance!!

1665 Beverly Blvd
Echo Park CA 90026

9pm – 2am
$8.00 admission all night

✺ ✺ ✺ ✺ ✺



Wednesdays @ IJO IJA Academy of Martial Arts

✺ ✺ ✺ ✺ ✺


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