super samba sunday.

The NFL has Super Bowl Sunday. Oprah has Super Soul Sunday. I’m playing an Os Batuqueiros record on my portable digger’s turntable to my left and thought “Hmm…’Super Samba Sunday'”. So here it is…my very first Super Samba Sunday post 🙂

i reminisce.

I’m not sure what year it was when I fell in love with Brazilian music, especially that pagode-style, ‘samba no quintal’ (backyard) sound, but this is one of the songs that got me diggin’ for more. Something about the unison vocals, the way the cavaquinho and the pandeiro work together, the cuica of course, and in this tune in particular, the tuba (or sousaphone…not sure)!! Here’s one about old times…’Velhos Tempos’ by Os Originais do Samba.

floats the boat.

I put together this faux photobook page by ‘cutting & pasting’ several repetitions of an image that I shot last fall in the quaint fishing town of Progreso, Yucatan MX. The process took several hours, but it was fun to create it from scratch, from a simple idea without borrowing any existing graphic elements. I’m really enjoying the work 🙂

GR BOAT COVER MAR 14 851x315

my cup of tea.

It’s a gloomy and chilly 57 degrees (ha) this morning in LA, but I’ve been up and at it working on the design of a few images, gathering ideas for a new remix project, digging for new music, and surfing on YouTube. Looking for something warm to go with a huge mug of tea, I ran across this beautiful little tune by one of my favorite artists of late, THE GARIFUNA WOMEN’S COLLECTIVE / UMALALI out of Belize (see one of my previous posts under the Ear Chocolate tab), . Beyond the lyrics and language, Sofia Blanco’s voice says so much…listen for yourself…it’s called ‘Nibari’. Hope you love it too.