My remixer/producer buddy DEGRUVME texted me a few nights ago and asked if I could design a cover for his remix of LA songstress IRENE DIAZ’s “Crazy Love” and this, below, was what I turned around…

IRENE degruvme mix cover 960 1

It was inspired by the Reid Miles (my all-time favorite designer) album cover for Blue Note Records’ “MIDNIGHT BLUE” by Kenny Burrell et al.:

midnight blue cover

Since we’re deep into Spring and headed for the beach months here in LA, I flipped it with a summer-minded palette of colors and inset the photo of Irene from her original video for the song into the text. This was approved today and hopefully I’ll be able to post Degruvme’s remix here within a few days. I heard the nearly finished version about two weeks ago and it’s a gorgeous rework of an already beautiful song.