JC (no, not that one.)

Comedian/actor/producer Jim Carrey has really become an interesting figure to me in the last several years, ever since I caught an old appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show where he admitted to writing himself a $20,000 check in the early stages of his career, as a daily visual reminder of his dream to become a successful entertainer. I actually remember him from an old, short-lived 80s NBC sitcom titled THE DUCK FACTORY, prior to his gaining notoriety and making a lasting mark on FoxTV’s beloved sketch comedy show IN LIVING COLOR as the characters ‘Fire Marshall Bill’ and ‘Vera de Milo’. Flash forward to last week, he’s now giving profound commencement speeches to hopeful grads at liberal-minded management schools.

Below is a video of ‘The Cable Guy’ and ‘Yes Man’ himself in action behind the podium, where he himself is awarded an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree. It’s the best twenty-six minutes of presentation/speech footage I’ve seen in a long time; better than many of the TED Talks I’ve labored through in recent months. Carrey’s gratitude for his success shines through in this surprising and endearing offering of wisdom, chock full of the expected comedic genius jutting throughout. Lotsa great quotes here…relax and let this one make ya feel good!

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