Just in case you hadn’t heard or don’t follow me on Facebook, I recently posted that our friends from East LA’s urban folk/punk/Latin alternative band Las Cafeteras have digitally released the remix e.p. on which La Junta Sound System (Yukicitio, Degruvme y moi) collaborated with them earlier this year. Below is the artwork I created for the release as well as the link to a free download of my own remix for the Las Cafeteras update on the son jarocho classic “El Chuchumbé”. Grab it and please let me know if you like it! Please click the image.



still funky.


I’m so infinitely grateful that we’re still able to hold these sweaty get-togethers with you a few times a year, even two years after ending our run as LA’s premier world music affair. We’re still looking forward to big things in the coming year. Above is the flier that on which Jeremy and I collaborated.

In addition to Jeremy Sole and me holding it down on the turntables, we’ve got a superb shortlist of talent coming through to bless the festivities:

Live percussion by KAHLIL CUMMINGS (Balandugu Kan, Capofresh, EthioCali / LA)
Live dance by NADRA EHRMAN (Afro Fusion Dance / Santa Barbara)
Live painting by NGENE MWAURA (Kenya)

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