Though I’ve not yet been to a TED conference, I’ve been a religious follower of the video content from the events via the website and mobile apps, enjoying talks across a broad spectrum of the topics they present. I’ve posted several here on my site in the past, under the ‘Inspiration’ category heading (see the black navigation tabs near the top of the page). Based on the sampling of talent at these gatherings, I must say that there are some brilliant people out there in the world! It’s encouraging to know that people are actually trying to make the world a better place…or at least, they’re trying to save it.

I watched this one about a month ago and thought it was genius. This is sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor presenting his ‘underwater art museums,’ which are basically submerged art installations that become part of the local aquatic ecosystems, growing in both natural beauty and in their roles as centers of sea life over time. Enjoy.