bossa & beaches.

So I’ve been getting my ideas together for this year’s design aesthetics/vibes for the LA JUNTA summer run. I get lots of inspiration from my vinyl record digs at various places, as my fingers flick quickly over so many well done pieces of art from over the decades. Almost always though, my fickle gaze is mesmerized by photos and design work from 1960s and 70s Brazil time after time, you know the ones–Astrud Gilberto, Sergio Mendes, etc. Though I don’t put Laurindo Almeida’s musical work quite on the same level with the aforementioned classics of Brazil, the cover design of his two albums shown below is exquisite in simplicity and beauty. Obviously, the womxn photographed are all quite beautiful, but more so, the images convey feelings associated with summer, exoticness, carefreeness and youth. And people just had style back then! For anybody who didn’t grow up in that specific time and place, and have never been to the tropical beaches of Rio, Copacabana or Acapulco, these album covers instantly transport you there. That’s what I love about them.

In large part, I think it’s the bright and sunny weather we’re having in LA today, after some ‘cold’ and grey days, that is the impetus for this post. I’ll also show some others in the next few posts. Enjoy.

laurindo almeida - ipanema

laurindo almeida - acapulco 22

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