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I came across this picture as I was scrolling down my facebook feed today. It’s a photo from the 2015 Bodysport Capoeira Batizado, and just about everyone in it is wearing the t-shirt that I designed for the weekend’s event. Since I don’t actually participate in the batizado, except maybe as the afterparty deejay, it put a smile on my face to see all the kids and adults alike rockin’ the tee. Pretty cool 🙂

BSC Batizado photo

BSCBAT15 Tee v3-1


These t-shirt designs for BODYSPORT CAPOEIRA’s 2016 BATIZADO were just approved. This is my third or fourth year designing the images for their shirts, which will be worn during all the batizado festivities and year-round by their students. Congratulations to all the students earning their next belts!

BSC BATIZADO 2016 T Circle


BSC Tee 2016 F&B GLENN