solo trip.

This Friday night December 15th, I’m back mixin’ at General Lee’s Cocktail House in LA’s Chinatown district. Lovin’ the cool vibes at this spot. Those of you who follow my blog regularly may know that my buddy Mekonnen Garedew often invited me to drop a guest set at his HeartBeat Friday’s there. Now I’ve got my own thing going on at the spot, on a monthly basis as of late.

I’ve named the night ‘LATITUDE’ as the owner has given pretty much given me free reign over the selections. The only thing he did request (or perhaps did not request) when he called: “Don’t play any trap…I hate that shit.” Heart read completely. Last month, we started out with some free jazz and bebop, then into ‘acid jazz’, jazzy hip-hop, cool dancehall, uptempo afrobeats, disco, modern and future soul and more. Can’t wait to hear what places on the musical map we end up this Friday!

Anyway, I’m there from 10pm to 2am. It’s totally free, so come on through to vibe, sip and help me navigate through the music for a bit.

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