friday november 2 | salsa on the alley

Old Pasadena Day of the Dead Weekend invites everyone to the outdoor historic Big Bang Theory Way alley for an evening of salsa and rhythm! Dance the night away under the festive string lighting in the heart of Old Pasadena.

Curated by La Junta and featuring live music by Cuba Rumba, the evening features a salsa dance exhibition and instruction by Prestige Dance & Fine Arts to get everyone warmed up for open dancing with the band and deejays, performing salsa and a wide variety of other rhythms.

The evening also features FREE calaveras/calacas face painting in the tradition of Dia de los Muertos and a Community Altar that allows the public to leave remembrances of passed loved ones.

About La Junta: A monthly summer event and the name of its resident DJ collective, La Junta (“the gathering” in Spanish) brings together people of all backgrounds in the name of friendship, dancing, and music from points across the globe. At La Junta events, DJs take music lovers on a tropical sojourn to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Africa, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India and back to the underground clubs of our own American metropolises. Along with the selectors, guest musicians, dance ensembles, and visual artists collaborate in unison to create a spirited outing for the hundreds of musically adventurous and fun-loving folks in attendance.

Big Bang Theory Way, 109 E. Union Street,
Pasadena, CA