friday december 14 | el tambó

Hey there, Friends and Fam ~
On Friday December 14, El Tambó Tucson closes out the Fall season with their last event of 2018, featuring deejays GLENN RED, YUKICITO and DEGRUVME of the infamous LA party, LA JUNTA! It’s their first time hosting an entire DJ crew takeover of El Tambó. Hosted by Dirtyverbs & Quiahuitl.

Based in the vibrant melting pot of people that is Los Angeles, La Junta Sound System reflects the sound of diverse cultures connecting joyfully. Its three deejay/producers–Yukicito, Degruvme & Glenn Red–whose respective ethnic heritages begin in Japan, Mexico and and the Philippines, together create a rich pastiche of tropical dance music celebrated for its unique balance of vintage and cutting edge sounds. Music lovers, fervent dancers and casual listeners alike will find themselves on an irresistible sojourn via the rhythms of Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Africa, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India and the underground clubs of our own American metropolises.

Let your Arizonian and Tucson/an/ian/ist@ friends know!

friday december 14 | piña

Cheers, All!

We hope that this twelfth month is treating you well so far and that the holidays keep bringing that quality time with the people close to you. With La Junta’s PIÑA monthly coming up on the second Friday of the month–December14–we’re having our good friends come through to do a one night only takeover of the main room! Please come out and greet a couple of our outstanding deejay homies who respectively hold down two of our favorite Latin/World music nights to attend:

MANO (Nu Tropic, LA/OAK/CHI)

La Junta crew will be in Tucson, AZ on this night, scheduled for our own friendly takeover of the awesome El Tambó event, so we’ll be with you in spirit, sharing the music we love on the road. We’re leaving you in highly capable hands, so come out to El Dorado DTLA and dance your pineapples off like you do! We’ll see you again on NYE 😉