sunday november 17 | indigenous

A beautiful Sunday evening of art & music on LA’s westside…please save the date!

* * * * *
Indigenous… Same Earth
Same Sky
Celebrating Life

What we – as HUEman -have in common around this globe:
We feel: laugh, cry, remember, create…
Through Art we communicate beyond words.. We discover the likeness in perceived difference

Joins us Sunday November 17
To celebrate US – the people
No borders
No difference

Group Art Show … curated by:
ROAM creative:
Lisa Taranchenko
Alexander Dcd Smith
Angelina Christina
Michael Pukac
Debbie Korbel
… more tba….

Thrilled to have:
Glenn Red (AfroFunké & La Junta)
along with Davey Chegwidden will collaborate!

Ana Saldaña sharing with us a beautiful set✨

Introducing: DJ Cyber Pirate 🏴‍☠️
throughout the night ✨

Live Painting
Michael Pukac

Wearable Art
Lisa Taranchenko

Excited to share this gathering in a space which has been brought to life by 2 incredible artist’s
LC … L. Croskey…
Mr. Numberonederful of
Cannibal Flower & ThinkSpace
Lauren Mendelssohn- Bass
Artista Extraordinaire

Looking forward to see you there!

Light in Life ✨ Laughter in Love ✨ Freedom in Friendship ♾💛🔥

May All Be As You wish 🌟


Music: 6p

ArtBar LA
12017 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles CA

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