music mix | marina soul club 010

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The tenth and latest Marina Soul Club LA mix is now up on my Mixcloud page. In culling music for this outing, I somehow ended up with tunes from six UK artists in the set–Runner, Ian Matthews, Al Stewart, Rhead Brothers, Jean Adebambo, and Robert Palmer–as well as back-to-back songs by two teen idols of the era, Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett! I actually dig both tunes.

In usual fashion, it’s a run 15 songs, 58 minutes…just in time for beautiful, late summer California Sunday. Stay smooth, my friends.

01. RUNNER / “Gone Too Long”
02. POCO / “Barbados”
03. IAN MATTHEWS / “Gimme An Inch”
04. PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE / “I Can’t Stop This Feeling”
05. PLAYER / “Melanie”
06. STEVE & TERESA / “Catching A Wave”
07. MICHAEL FRANKS / “Nightmoves”
08. AL STEWART / “Midas Shadow”
09. RHEAD BROTHERS / “Love’s A Crazy Game”
10. FRANNIE GOLD / “Isn’t It Something”
11. SHAUN CASSIDY / “Lie To Me”
12. LEIF GARRETT / “When I Think Of You”
13. RANDY CRAWFORD / “Windsong”
14. JEAN ADEBAMBO / “Paradise”
15. ROBERT PALMER / “Every Kinda People”

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