music mix | marina soul club 014

Although it begins with a tandem of tried and true rock hits by Badfinger and Toto, respectively, this fourteenth offering of Marina Soul Club Radio actually ventures deepest into the so-called ‘yacht soul’ subgenre with eight of the fifteen featured artists being of African descent.

Find Roy Ayers, George Duke, Tania Maria (Brazil), Al Jarreau, and Hawaii’s Babadu in the first half of the outing adding the kind of swingin’, jazz-laced grooves that a decade or so later would become a hallmark of the mid-90s neo-soul era. Then, in the latter half, hear the more characteristic R&B sound of the yacht years via entries by Chaka Khan, Billy Ocean, Jeffrey Osborne, and Grover Washington, Jr.

In addition to the aforementioned artists are a couple of respective tunes by Jan Hammer Group, and Spandau Ballet. These tracks admittedly fall into the ‘nyacht‘ (not yacht!) crates but have been included because I feel they both lie just on the fringe, each containing a few of the elements that define the yacht rock sound, but not enough of them to earn the label.

Please enjoy Mix #014!


ARTIST / Tracklist

  1. BADFINGER / “Day After Day”
  2. TOTO / “Rosanna”
  3. ROY AYERS / “Rhythm”
  4. GEORGE DUKE / “Brazilian Love Affair”
  5. TANIA MARIA / “Come With Me”
  6. BABADU / “All I’ve Got To Give”
  7. AL JARREAU / “Roof Garden”
  8. CHAKA KHAN / “Move Me No Mountain”
  9. RUPERT HOLMES / “Answering Machine”
  10. JAN HAMMER GROUP / “Don’t You Know”
  11. SPANDAU BALLET / “Code Of Love”
  12. BILLY OCEAN / “Whatever Turns You On”
  13. ROBERT BYRNE / “All For Love”
  14. JEFFREY OSBORNE / “New Love”
  15. GROVER WASHINGTON, JR. feat. BILL WITHERS / “Just The Two Of Us”

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