Manila-born, Los Angeles-raised deejay Glenn Red quietly continues to forge a loyal following among fans of eclectic music, steadily rocking crowds at the west coast’s most respected venues well into a second decade. With the honest music of passionate artists as a common thread, his deejay sets weave fluidly through time and across genres, connecting the traditional sounds of Africa and the Americas with their modern expressions around the globe. Find funk, soul, hip-hop and reggae in an embrace with afrobeat, cumbia, samba and rumba rhythms on a Glenn Red dance floor.

The few residencies in his career, from Santa Monica’s Afro Funké weekly, east to Boyle Heights’ Eclectica monthly, and most recently as part of the San Gabriel Valley-based La Junta Sound System, speak of the quality and longevity of his events. Glenn’s rhythmic and multifaceted sound echoes the deep, colorful and spirited energy of L.A. and its soulful people.


3 thoughts on “bio.

  1. hey Glenn Red, got to see ya last night at Pasadena… were excellent, had a blast, what a great atmosphere!

  2. I saw you at Levitt in Pasadena yesterday. During the warmup you played a song I really liked, but I can’t track it down. It sounded like a Bob Marley remix, but I’d never heard it before, so maybe it was Ziggy, or just another Reggae singer. Something about truth and life in the lyrics. Any idea?

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