carlos to costa.

Here are two pieces of work–the fliers, not the artists!–out of six images that I finished this week. Pictured: Carlos Santa and Gal Costa, respectively.


viva o brasil.

Had some more work thrown my way over the weekend and this is how it turned out. Pretty much nailed the overall design on the first go, with just a few changes to typeface and logo color. If you know me as a deejay, you probably know how much I love Brazilian music. Hopefully that affinity also informs my design work for Brazilian cultural events. Axé!

ad on.

This was my final design job and the second-to-last job approved and accepted in 2017. It’s a half page ad for a series of community engagement events by LA’s Brazilian culture ambassadors, Viver Brasil, being held in Alabama in late Feb/early March. I was contacted on Friday at 4pm PST and turned it around at about 1am PST on Saturday. My first ad!