i wrote this ten years ago, during the week of the 9/11 tragedy. i read it every year on this day. thought i’d share it with you…

i lost it
somewhere beneath
that fiery monument
of twisted metal
and crushed stone
there it lies
most precious possession

i used to keep it with me
always with me
in my pocket
i’d sometimes forget
it was there
though i’ve seen and done
so very much
in my lifetime
it was always there
always in my pocket
but today i lost it

i used to hold it
in my hands
not knowing what i held
put it in my back pocket
o little penny!
yes, like an old penny
i took it for granted
(everyone’s got pennies)
but it was precious
and today i lost it

you see
as i ran from
the falling sky
onto the ground
it fell
along with my brethren
along with my brethren
today i lost it
and i can never be the same
never again

maybe one day
when the dust
has long settled
and this terrible monument
forever forgotten
a young child
will find innocence again
most precious possession
pick it up
and put it away
in a pocket
and keep it always


i once drew a circle.

circle. simple, beautiful circle.
no point a. no point b.
every point along its perfect path
no one point further than another.
each point related to every other point by a constant.
each point a beginning and an end.
symmetry of form. unity of purpose.

i once drew a circle.
and through it, with it, in it
i saw God.

water, pt. 2

the ocean speaks a simple truth
in the ebb and flow of the tides
lapping or crashing onto the sand
only to recede and draw back into itself
building then eroding the earth it touches
in the most natural and constant of rhythms

watch the rain fall,
follow a river to the sea
and understand that all things
long to return to their source,
to reconnect with their essence
in a most beautiful and imperative cycle
of nature

if we trust in the oneness of all
then we must also believe
that we too are bodies of water
moving with the same energy
to this same rhythm, in this same cycle
of departure and return
that sings of harmony
and truth of Being.

let us all hold a shell to our ears
with the innate and fearless understanding
of the children we once were,
remembering to watch and listen with a quiet heart
to the ocean when she calls.


i’d meet you there
there beneath a joyful sun
and ride the one infinite and blue
if our hearts grew feathered wings
and flew like graceful birds in the sky
we’d soar unfettered by the fear of falling
and just play, sing, and circle apart freely
with the knowledge of a certain simplicity–
that to fly is our nature most high.

beyond the laws of the earthbound we’d go
just below heaven’s ever present light
high above the ground from which
we’d taken flight, to find each other
free at last, our souls so vast as the place
where the wind dances, wide enough
that the space between us enhances
the openness of our hearts.

i’d see you as clearly as you’d see me
our sight unclouded by earthly fears
of gravity (or the gravity of fear)
we’d see inner lights so bright and radiant
that we’d draw each other nearer
and nearer to our deepest truths shining
like beacons of the divine we find within
beseeching us to share the sky
in a lovely waltz among the winds.

and so it is i learn to fly, higher
on each moment’s outward breath
upward toward a beautiful groundlessness
that transcends death and its steady hold,
a bold resolve to die each and every day
to let go with faith, and pray, and dream
possibilities of love supreme and true
a love that sees the god in me
awakening the glorious god in you.