designing la junta.

Below is a photo gallery of most of the flier designs I’ve done for La Junta summer music parties since 2014. For most of the work that I do for La Junta and La Junta-produced events, the style is big, bold and colorful, aimed at projecting all the fun we have gathering the good people of Southern California in the sunshine.

LA JUNTA 2019 TROPI-CAL SPRING TOUR – “california agriculture” theme

LA JUNTA SUMMER 2019 – “nagel angels”

LA JUNTA SUMMER 2018 – “psychetropic” theme (psychedelic + tropical)

LA JUNTA SUMMER 2017 – “soccer/futbol” theme

LA JUNTA SUMMER 2016 – no theme

LA JUNTA SUMMER 2015 – “classic album covers” theme

LA JUNTA SUMMER 2014 – “beach beauties” theme