Hi ~

Welcome to glennred.com, my newly re-designed online creative site.  Hope you’ll stay to browse & read, click & scroll for a bit.   I’m working on a brief intro video which I’ll post here, hopefully in the next week or so.  While the look is new,  the site has been up for several years so there’s a lot of content beyond the initial stuff you might immediately encounter–lots of music event fliers, mostly, especially since I’m a deejay and graphic designer who throws many concerts/dance parties throughout the year.  However, there’s also some old poetry from when I used to write as part of an online writing workshop, as well as photo galleries from past trips…stuff like that.

The point of freshening up this site is to also make it a functional business page, beyond just offering a peek into my events, creative projects or thought stream.  Hopefully it will continue to evolve to my liking (and yours), but for now, please enjoy what’s here.  And send me a message if you dig anything in particular.

Wishing you peace.