While I plan to add more to this music page in 2018, below are published remixes of two favorite local Los Angeles bands making excellent new Afro-Latin music, QUITAPENAS and Las Cafeteras, respectively:

Next, this one’s a bootleg Brazilian capoeira edit that I fashioned in an early global bass style, chopping backing vocals and adding berimbau, pandeiro and surdo lines. Check it out and feel free to grab it:

Here are three SUPER OLD mixes as well. I plan to record one or two new ones (and maybe more) in the coming year, but I’ll leave these here for now so you get an idea of my musical lean. The first is a live mix that I did in 2013 for Mystic Pete’s midnight show on KXLU 88.9 Radio at Loyola Marymount University. Then, an Earth Wind & Fire tribute mix full of originals, covers and sampled tidbits that I did for the Devil’s Pie Soul music event in 2012. Finally, and still one of my faves, is an old dub and reggae mix from circa 2008 titled ‘Madly In Dub’. If you have the time, please sit and/or dance and enjoy ’em: