no bull.

Spent a good chunk of the morning getting some music together for some upcoming gigs in the next seven days. Not sure why, but I haven’t played this one in a while and it’s completely outrageous. Here’s the Carribean standard Josefa Matia done in the Colombian bullerengue style (yep, still that country hasn’t yet let go of my ears!)…Colombians don’t mess around with their music! Hope you love it like I do.

fife and drum.

My ears are still wandering around Colombia this morning. Whether I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms from missing Afro Funké or simply perpetuating the habit of preparing music for a Thursday night set, I like it here. 🙂 Today’s share comes from the Bolivár region in the north, specifically from the municipality called San Jacinto, near the metropolitan city of Cartagena. Enjoy Latin Grammy-winning Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto with Viene Amaneciendo. This is the kind of ‘fife & drum’ corps I can get with!