dreamy folks.

Here are a few more promo images for the January 22nd Echoes of a Dream ep release event. I created the second and third images from photos taken by LA visual ethnographer Farah Sosa.


ECHOES 4x6 WeekOf
Original photo courtesy of Farah Sosa.

ECHOES 4x6 WeekPrior
Original photo courtesy of Farah Sosa.

dreams come true.

I’m extremely proud of my La Junta brethren ‘degruvme’ for putting in the work into making one of his dreams come true! He’s produced his first collection of tunes with some of his favorite Angeleno vocalists and we’re ready to throw the ep release and concert in DTLA on FRIDAY JANUARY 22nd!! All five singers will be on hand performing their respective songs live, with a special dance performance and excellent deejay support from VNC & F-Cast aka “The Funky Brewsterz”, as well as Yukicito and yours truly of the La Junta Sound System. The fliers I created are below: