Many thanks to my friends from LA bolero/trío romántico TRES SOULS for trusting me to do some digital and physical cover art for their new single and forthcoming debut EP. The single is out now on all major digital platforms, with the full EP available at the LA release party on Wednesday February 13th.

Based on bolero music’s rise in popularity in 1940s-50s Mexico, the band and I agreed on a vintage look for the project. It’s a pretty literal translation of the single’s title “La Luna Eres Tu,” but they were happy with the moody quality the image conveys. I trimmed out a photograph of the trio from their most recent shoot (photo credit: Jasmin Carlos), created a circle for the moon and masked it with a dotted, grungy halftone screen to suggest the topographic shadows we see with the naked eye. BEBAS KAI was the font of choice and I finished the whole image off with a screen of an old, worn lp cover to give it that used but precious vibe that vinyl aficionados like me adore 🙂 Whether or not you speak or understand Spanish, the music is beautiful. Be sure to follow @tressouls on Facebook and Instagram for their music and more information about the upcoming appearances.