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As I’m a huge fan of the Global Riddims / Groovalizacion Radio show out of Belgium, I’m extra thrilled that the La Junta Remix of “Sou” by Burkina Faso’s WUIWA (done by David Cardena aka ‘degruvme’ and yours truly) made it onto their most recent playlist! That in itself is a great honor, but even more so that it’s among some incredible company whose work I greatly admire and keep in regular rotation, including Seun Kuti, Antibalas, Thornato, Samba de Coco Raizes de Arcoverde (produced by Maga Bo), Nicola Conte & more. Much respect to Tony Heynen!!

Click the link below and have a listen on this fine Music Monday…and thereafter 🙂

Global Riddims Playlist #21

sou excited!

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that the release date for my first remix since 2016 falls on this coming Friday, February 9th! It’s a re-envisioning of the tune “Sou” by Burkina Faso’s WÜIWA, whose traditional kora and balafon sound we decided to freak disco style with a bumpin’ bass line, funky wahwah guitars and synth lines that would put a smile on the faces of our favorite 80s new wave bands. The project was done in collaboration with my partner from LA JUNTA SOUND SYSTEM, David Cardena aka ‘degruvme’ (think Deee-Lite for those who know), and involved me traveling about 30 minutes or so each way, a few evenings a week for about a month to work out of his Pasadena home studio, so that we both had equal opportunity for creative input. Big props to degruvme, as he sat in the chair and behind the actual computer keyboard for most of the production process…well, because he’s much quicker on a computer than I am (he’s an IT manager by day). I sat right at his side for all of it though, even during the car mixdown tests. AND I did the cover art above 😉

Extra thanks to our brother, Joe McGuire, of Pan-Californian Afro-disco-funk outfit Afrolicious for composing and recording the guitar and bass tracks during a fun two-hour session in his Santa Monica, CA studio. Plus, once again, we called on our friend Charlie B. Wilder aka Chuck Wild aka Captain Planet to polish the project with a final mixdown and mastering session.

Most of all, our gratitude goes to Seb Krimi of RADIO KRIMI and RADIO KRIMI RECORDS based in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France for inviting us to work on this project and releasing it on his amazing label. Please check out the tune, consider purchasing it and spreading the word…we’re grateful for everyone’s kindness!


Check out the RADIO KRIMI RECORDS Bandcamp Page for their full discography.

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Much love and gratitude to the homie, my dude outta Chamonix Mont-Blanc, my French connection, Seb(astien) ‘DJ Krimi’ Benisti, for airing my Me Llevaba (Glenn Red ‘Rub-a-Dub’ remix ft. Todd Simon) by QUITA PENAS on his ‘RADIO KRIMI’ 24/7 online radio broadcast. Not only does it fall among wonderful company on the list photographed here, but every Radio Krimi mix and playlist bursts with amazing music, carefully curated by Seb and his wide but discerning tastes. Do tune in to RADIO KRIMI as often as you can!

And be sure to check out the QUITA PENAS Remixes by my crew LA JUNTA SOUND SYSTEM on the QUITA PENAS BANDCAMP PAGE.

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Radio Krimi 2


Just in case you hadn’t heard or don’t follow me on Facebook, I recently posted that our friends from East LA’s urban folk/punk/Latin alternative band Las Cafeteras have digitally released the remix e.p. on which La Junta Sound System (Yukicitio, Degruvme y moi) collaborated with them earlier this year. Below is the artwork I created for the release as well as the link to a free download of my own remix for the Las Cafeteras update on the son jarocho classic “El Chuchumbé”. Grab it and please let me know if you like it! Please click the image.