want the pie.

The Funkees are arguably my favorite straight up afro funk group outside of Fela and his camp, so when I ran across this edit a while back by ‘The Super Ninja Pizza DJ’s’ I had to grab it. I use as much restraint as I can when it comes to playing edits and remixes in my sets, but this one was quite nice. It sticks to the original groove respectfully while still adding those cool touches that the hip hop and bass generations love. And I like ninjas and pizza. Enjoy.

golden brown.

My new HOUSE OF MARLEY headphones (thanks, Cary & Rocky!) have been over in Nigeria so far this week, as I’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms from having not mixed at an AFRO FUNKE event for two and a half months now. As much fun as it is for a music lover/collector to spend time researching and digging up shiny and heavy new tunes for our ears, it’s also sweet when an amazing label like SOUNDWAY RECORDS shares gems from their own mining operations. Thanks and respect to MILES CLERET and co. for releasing this rare album last fall…EASY KABAKA BROWN!!

And big shouts to deejays RANI D and SON ZOO for feeding my soul with all the funkiness last night at RADIO AFRIQUE! Congrats on a great debut, fellas!