music mix | marina soul club 003

The third and latest mix from my Marina Soul Club LA project is up on Mixcloud for some easy workday or evening wind-down vibes.

This outing offers cuts from both well and lesser-known artists recording during the late 70s and early 80s: Al Jarreau, Michael Franks, Barbara Streisand with Barry Gibb, Bill LaBounty, Ambrosia, Player, Nicolette Larson and more.

15 songs, 59 minutes. Stream the set over good Wi-Fi and via quality Hi-Fi and enjoy the tunes!

ARTIST / Tracklist
01. AL JARREAU / “Agua De Beber”
02. MICHAEL FRANKS / “Jealousy”
03. DWAYNE FORD / “Lovin’ And Losin’ You”
04. PLAYER / “I Just Wanna Be With You”
06. BILL LABOUNTY / “Dream On”
07. AMBROSIA / “Livin’ On My Own”
08. EAGLES / “One Of These Nights”
09. EDDIE MONEY / “Baby Hold On”
10. NICOLETTE LARSON / “Lotta Love”
11. LEBLANC & CARR / “Stronger Love”
12. BILLY JOEL / “Just The Way You Are”
13. JAMES TAYLOR / “If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight”
14. ORLEANS / “Dance With Me”
15. AMERICA / “Ventura Highway”

If ya like, check out past Marina Soul Club mixes and a few others on my GLENN RED Mixcloud Page.

music mix | marina soul club 001

My first mix of 2020 comes under my MARINA SOUL CLUB LA moniker, which officially kicked off in 2019 although there were some early iterations in 2018. The MSC format includes 70’s soft rock, breezy jazz, lite disco, mellow 80’s, island vibes and coastal grooves. Some people call it ‘yacht rock’. I prefer the term ‘Marina Soul’. In this first ‘episode’ of what I hope turns into a regular radio-style show, listen for music by the likes of familiar artists of the era such as Jimmy Messina, The Doobie Brothers, Daryl Hall & John Oates and Boz Scaggs alongside equally amazing but lesser-known acts like Marc Jordan, Laura Allan, Larsen/Feiten Band, Byrne & Barnes and more. Enjoy!

ARTIST / Tracklist
01. JIMMY MESSINA / “Seeing You For The First Time”
02. MARC JORDAN / “Lost Because You Can’t Be Found”
03. THE DOOBIE BROTHERS / “You Belong To Me”
04. LAURA ALLAN / “Slip & Slide”
05. STEPHEN BISHOP / “On And On”
06. SAMANTHA SANG ft. BEE GEES / “Emotion”
07. ADRIAN GURVITZ / “The Wonder Of It All”
08. BOZ SCAGGS / “Still Falling For You”
09. LARSEN/FEITEN BAND / “Who’ll Be The Fool Tonight”
10. BYRNE & BARNES / “Love You Out Of Your Mind”
11. DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES / “Nothing At All”
12. CHICAGO / “No Tell Lover”
13. ERIC TAGG / “Living Off The Love”
14. JERMAINE JACKSON / “You Like Me Don’t You”
15. DR. HOOK / “Sexy Eyes”

sou loved | remix on the radio!

As I’m a huge fan of the Global Riddims / Groovalizacion Radio show out of Belgium, I’m extra thrilled that the La Junta Remix of “Sou” by Burkina Faso’s WUIWA (done by David Cardena aka ‘degruvme’ and yours truly) made it onto their most recent playlist! That in itself is a great honor, but even more so that it’s among some incredible company whose work I greatly admire and keep in regular rotation, including Seun Kuti, Antibalas, Thornato, Samba de Coco Raizes de Arcoverde (produced by Maga Bo), Nicola Conte & more. Much respect to Tony Heynen!!

Click the link below and have a listen on this fine Music Monday…and thereafter 🙂

Global Riddims Playlist #21